Recruitment is the process of searching for and selecting candidates with the qualities and skills necessary to implement the current and long-term plans of the company.

Personnel search and selection:
· Top managers, middle managers
· Qualified specialists
· Entry-level personnel
· Skilled trades
By now, HRR is recognized as one of the leaders among companies and agencies for personnel recruitment. Over 16 years of work, we have mastered all possible tools for finding the best candidates and developed our own approach, consisting of a combination of methods and technologies. For instance, we start the personnel search from our own database, covering candidates from countries near and far, and including resumes of more than one million candidates. Additionally, we conduct personnel search in target companies, professional business communities, through networking, specialized exhibitions and seminars, and actively collaborate with universities.

On average, the consultants at HRR have 5 years of experience in professional personnel selection, and we constantly enhance the qualifications of our staff.
Advantages of HRR:
· We have developed expertise in all markets, and our specialists handle tasks equally well, whether it is finding a sales manager for banking products, or selecting a top manager in IT or line personnel.
· We provide services to companies representing industries such as FMCG (manufacture and sale of consumer goods), medicine and pharmaceuticals, retail and hospitality, agro-industrial complex, automobile industry, metallurgy, oil and gas, energy sectors, financial-banking sector, IT/Telecom, and others.
· We are willing to take on replacement guarantees for employees if they do not pass the probationary period.
· Our methods for personnel search consider all the specific requirements of the client, necessary personal qualities, and motivation. We find people who will fit perfectly for task solving and work long-term within the team.
· Delegation of the entire set of tasks for finding and attracting the right candidate to our team, reducing costs, and freeing up time to focus on core business tasks.
· The opportunity to order a service for mass or specific candidate selection, regardless of the location of the company and industry.
Relevance of the service of personnel search and selection for the client
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Outstaffing, or personnel outsourcing, is a service for personnel administration, payroll calculation, and payment. The agency becomes the official employer for employees who cannot be formally employed at your company.
· This service is in demand if a company has restrictions on headcount, no legal entity in Kazakhstan, or staff is needed for a specific period during production or service volume increases.

· If you need to transfer employees to the agency's staff, you provide a list of employees, job titles, duties, salary and compensation information, and contact details. We agree on the date of employee transfer to HRR staff, prepare a transfer plan, coordinate joint communications, prepare and sign employment contracts.
Upon client request, HRR can also conduct a search and hire employees with the required qualifications for future incorporation into the agency's staff.
Within the outstaffing service, our specialists perform the following tasks:
· Formalizing employment relationships with employees
· Calculating, paying salaries, and approved compensations
· Payment of personal income taxes on salaries
· Providing necessary reporting
· Handling vacations, business trips, sick leaves, compliance with benefits and guarantees
· Communicating with labor inspections and other regulatory bodies
· Conducting briefings and adhering to occupational safety and health requirements
· Providing project infrastructure and additional services
The cost of personnel outsourcing service consists of expenses on salaries, compensation packages, all taxes and fees in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other employee expenses, and the agency's fees.
We undertake to:
· Respond to inquiries within 2 hours and develop corresponding solutions and/or action plans within 24 hours
· Provide the client and project employees with complete and accurate information and documentation
· Maintain regular reporting at each stage of interaction
· Fully comply with legal requirements, and inform the client of any legal project risks
Advantages of HRR:
· Individual approach to the project
· Preparedness to tackle tasks of any scale and ambition
· Modern technological solutions and continuous development
· High level of expertise in HR outsourcing and personnel outstaffing
· Commitment to achieving the best results and mutual success
· Wide geographical coverage
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions, suggestions, or to discuss your needs. We're always here to assist you!